The Soldier Support Center Grand Opening was held at 11 a.m. May 14 on Camp Walker at Bldg. 330. Many community members and leaders in Area IV attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the SSC's grand opening, and cake and punch were provided for those who attended. Thirteen Soldier support agencies that were located across several camps and locations are now co-located at the SSC. Previously, it took additional time for Soldiers, civilians and their Families to in-process and out-process because the services were so spread out. With the new SSC, it will be easier for USAG Daegu community members to find what they need at a single stop. "It's truly amazing and a testament to the level of dedication and professionalism here at USAG Daegu," said Col. Robert P. Mann, USAG Daegu commander. "Now the SSC will have personal property, housing, finance, driver's testing, commercial travel and the Red Cross. It's truly going to be one stop," said Robert Ducksworth, the Chief of Administrative Services. Different agencies and services are located on each floor -- from career counseling on the first floor to driver's testing on the third floor -- and a clearly defined map system is in place to assist customers in finding each of the service providers. "There will be no stress to take a bus or taxi to do everything," Ducksworth said. "In the days and weeks to come, the sheer numbers of Soldiers, civilians, retirees and family members who will pass through these doors will astound you," said Mann. "I expect it to be the most trafficked building in Area IV, with several hundred customers visiting the center each week." "It will be more convenient to be on Camp Walker because medical centers, food court, Post Exchange and Commissary will be near the SSC," said Ducksworth. The American Red Cross has to be in a location that everyone can find, easily accessible to Families and Soldiers, said Susanne Harlandt, Regional Program Manager for the American Red Cross. "Moving here is wonderful, more centrally located, easier to access and we have more space than we did before," Harlandt added. The SSC boasts three times more space for educational services than previous locations combined. The American Red Cross, for example, hosts classes in First Aid, Basic Life Support, CPR and other health and safety classes. The SSC provides plenty of space for all these classes. Ducksworth defines the Soldier Support Center in one word "Excellence" because this is a win-win relationship between agencies and customers. "The consolidation of services under one roof is an example of USAG Daegu's pledge to our Soldiers and Families," said Mann. "This building marks our commitment to our community, and I am extremely happy and proud of what we have done for our heroes and their Families by opening the doors of the SSC to our community members in Area IV." For more information on the SSC, please call DSN:763-4331 or civilian 0503-363-4331.