C.C. Pinckney Elementary School honored its student body with certificates of appreciation as the 2019 Month of the Military Child wrapped up April 30.Throughout April, C.C. Pinckney hosted activities to acknowledge the unique challenges military children face while their parents are enlisted."Military children are so resilient and should be recognized every day," said second grade teacher Charmaine Pelt, who refers to them as "our silent heroes.""(Military kids) will often deal with deployments (and) long days," especially when their parents are drill sergeants in the midst of Red Phase -- the first portion of Basic Combat Training, said C.C. Pinckney guidance counselor Antoinette Pittman. The students may go more than a day at a time without seeing their mom or dad, sometimes having to stay overnight at the 24-hour daycare on-post.A former Soldier with an active duty husband who has been assigned to drill sergeant duty three times, Pittman has seen firsthand how challenging balancing work and Family can be in the service. Through her job, she assists students in managing the hardships that accompany the lifestyle.Students may go through rough patches of being tired and cranky while their parents are working long hours, but they always manage to get through it, Pittman said."We wanted to recognize them," she added. The school hopes to send the message that "we care. We know it's really tough, but we're here."Among the events C.C. Pinckney hosted to put that point on display were "Service to Others Day" -- focusing on random acts of kindness -- several dress up days, and a fun day of celebration. The Month of the Military Child culminated with certificate presentation ceremonies in the classrooms April 30.Students earned them for their "strength, bravery, resilience" and willingness to make sacrifices as their parents serve in the Army.