Col. Christopher Ward, WSMR Garrison Commander, presented Bataan Memorial Death March Streamers and medals to Austin and El Paso High School JROTC Units at the annual review and awards ceremony at Andress High School in El Paso, Texas, on May 3, 2019.The Annual review and awards ceremony is a single large event recognizing cadets from the El Paso Independent School District's 1 JROTC corps of cadets. More than 35 different categories of awards and scholarships were award to cadets for unit activities or personal performance.Streamers are a special type of unit citation that takes the form of a streamer that is hung from the top of the unit flag. In military units, streamers are typically awarded for participation in wars, campaigns or other actions, but can also represent other special actions or activities as well.The streamers awarded to the Austin and El Paso High School units recognize their participation and completion of the Bataan Memorial Death March on White Sands Missile Range this past March, which honors US and Filipino servicemembers who fought the Japanese in WWII.The 26.2 mile route is considered to be one of the most challenging marathons in the country, and many take part in the march strive merely to complete it.