The annual Army-wide survey for on-post housing residents launched April 23. Each resident is encouraged to participate in the survey to provide information about their experiences. The information will guide the Army and Residential Communities Initiative partners in improvements to privatized housing facilities and service to provide a better quality of life for residents and families.

"It is important for folks to fill out the surveys as they provide valuable information toward meeting leadership goals of providing the best housing we can for our service members and families," said Steve Milton, chief, Fort Riley Housing Division.

In a memorandum dated April 17, Lieutenant General Gwen Bingham, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, emphasized that the Army is committed to improving residents' housing experiences.

"We welcome and value your candid opinions and thoughts," she said.

Residents will have until May 24 to complete the survey.

"Feedback about your experiences while residing in a privatized housing community is critical to shaping future housing quality and services provided to the Army," Bingham said.

The information is kept confidential. Information provided to the Army and RCI partners will not be linked to the person providing it.

Residents should have received an email containing the link. Only one member of each household receives the email. If someone in a household has not received this email, contact the Fort Riley Housing Services Office at 785-239-0679.