Fort Riley garrison employees recognized at montly ceremony
Col. Stephen Shrader, U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley commander, left, congratulates Danitta Brantley and Mike McMackin after they were awarded Employee of the Quarter — 2nd Quarter and Employee of the Month for March, respectively at a ceremony ... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

More than 40 employees were recognized for their work in the garrison and Fort Riley at the monthly garrison awards ceremony April 12.

Employees recognized as the "Best of the Best" for March were Rick Newlon, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation; McMackin, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security and Monica Smith, Directorate of Human Resources.

The employee chosen as the Garrison Employee of the Month for March was Mike McMackin, which puts him in the running for Garrison Employee of the Quarter.

Eric Fleuter, DHR; Danitta Brantley, DFMWR; and McMackin were recognized for their selections as Garrison Employee of the Month for January, February and March, respectively, before it was announced that the Garrison Employee of the Quarter -- 2nd Quarter was Brantley.

"I'm just glad to be recognized," said Mike McMackin Operations specialist, DPTMS. "I was part of a large group effort and made a difference in the garrison. I hope other people will be recognized for their efforts within the garrison mission."

Thirty garrison employees were recognized for their involvement in Fort Riley receiving the bronze medal in the Army Communities of Excellence competition.

"Their willingness to lend their time, knowledge and organizational expertise during the Army-level competition virtual site visit contributed to its successful performance," said Ron Stewart, operations supervisor for DPTMS.

Pete Paras, DPTMS, Carol Fittro, Plans Analysis and Integration Office and William Brooks, Armed Forces Bank, were awarded the Patriotic Public Service award for their volunteer service to the Fort Riley community.

Other awards included two team awards for providing emergency services during an accident in December in which a motorist drove into three-mile creek while trying to avoid a deer, and a medical emergency in February in which a man passed out while working out at King Field House.

Heather Stewart, PAIO, was recognized as an outstanding individual for her work as a program analyst and she received the Civilian Service Commendation Medal.

"Because of her skills and efforts here, in the plans, analysis, integrations shop, she's done a phenomenal job," said Col. Stephen Shrader, U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley commander. "… we couldn't have done it without her and her expertise and so she's going to do a phenomenal job as she heads out to (Fort) Leavenworth although we would like keep her here, but she's making the right decision because it's the best thing for her and her family. So we support her 100 percent."