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Department of Defense Expeditionary Civilian (DOD-EC) Joe Faulkner was awarded the NATO Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, a Certificate of Wartime Service and the Meritorious Public Service Medal for his service to the Area Support Group-Afghanistan (ASG-A) from 2018-2019 during a ceremony at Bagram Airfield, April 7, 2019. The awards were presented by ASG-A Commander Col. Jacob Peterson.

Faulkner was assigned to ASG-A through the DOD-EC Program, which deploys personnel to support military operations abroad. He served as the security operations officer and director of the ASG-A Directorate of Emergency Services (DES).The DES includes Police and Fire Operations, Physical Security, Provost Marshal Officer (PMO), U.S. Military CUSTOMS, Base Access Control / Badging and Screening, Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (AT / FP), VISA Stamp Operations and Security Operations throughout the Combined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan (CJOA-A).

Faulkner coordinated Force Protection (FP) enhancements throughout the CJOA-A to help standardize the procedures for PMO and Force Protection entities in Afghanistan. He authored, published and executed a CJOA-A wide policy which provided minimum requirements for the screening and vetting process necessary to enter onto any U.S. installation.

Faulkner also initiated a visa stamp program on Bagram Airfield and brokered a deal to bring Afghan Border Police (ABP) on BAF, enhancing and strengthening the overall relationship between the Afghan MOI/ABP and the USFOR-A.

"This deployment has been a great experience," said Faulkner, a retired police officer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran. "Anytime you get to still wear the military uniform and work side by side with young Marines, Soldiers, Airman and Sailors, it is a true honor."

He returns to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency in St. Louis, Missouri, where he will serve as a strategic communications officer.

The ASG-A provides base life support services for more than 35,000 personnel throughout the Combined Joint Operations Area Afghanistan.

Those personnel include U.S. military, DOD Civilian, Contractor and Coalition Forces contributing to Operation Freedom's Sentinel and the NATO-led Operation Resolute Support Train, Advise and Assist Mission.

ASG-A base life support services encompass everything from law enforcement and public works to billeting, food service and quality of life.

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