FORT HOOD, Texas (May 3, 2019) -- A Mission and Installation Contracting Command NCO from Fort Hood was named the Army Contracting Command Best Warrior of the Year during a weeklong competition culminating May 3 at Fort Hood.Staff Sgt. Charles Prihoda, a contracting NCO with the 901st Contracting Battalion, was chosen among 10 Soldiers in a fierce competition to select the best qualified NCO to represent ACC at the 2019 Army Materiel Command NCO Best Warrior Competition in July.The runners-up for the ACC 2019 Best Warrior Competition are Sgt. 1st Class Reginald Alexander, a contracting NCO with the 603rd Contracting Team of the 921st Contracting Battalion at Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii; and Sgt 1st Class Enes Memic, an acquisitions, logistics and technology NCO with the 409th Contracting Support Brigade at Sembach Kaserne, Germany."Sergeant Prihoda is the total package and well deserving of the title ACC's best NCO," said Command Sgt. Maj. Jill Crosby, the ACC command sergeant major. "He is articulate, in amazing physical condition, and exceeds the standards in all the best warrior competition events. I am completely confident that he will make ACC proud and represent the command well at the AMC Best Warrior Competition in July."Crosby added that she was impressed with the tactical competencies of all the competitors. "We thoroughly tested these Soldiers' ability to perform tactical survival skills and they proved Army contracting NCOs excel at Army warrior tasks and battle drills. It is my hope that these Soldiers re-integrate what they were tested on back at their formations. These Soldiers are among the best NCOs in ACC and the Army, and they demonstrated they can brilliantly carry the load at garrison or in theater."The best warrior competition consisted of multiple events in which Soldiers were evaluated, including the Army physical fitness test, 8-mile road march, weapons qualification, combat water survival, warrior task and battle drills, and land navigation. Additionally, competitors went before a formal board of ACC senior NCOs and completed a written test and essay."The best warrior competition execution has a direct link to readiness. Not only does it test the Soldiers' ability to perform tactical survival skills based on Army warrior tasks and battle drills, but also it confirms that our 51-Charlies are professional Soldiers who are ready to fight and win tonight," said Brig. Gen. Bill Boruff, the MICC commanding general and presiding officer for the best warrior competition award ceremony."Readiness is the cornerstone to Army success today, and these 10 warriors showed that they, and all the acquisition corps, are more than ready to provide critical operational contracting support for any mission our nation calls upon us to accomplish," Boruff added.The other Soldiers in the 2019 competition were Sgt. 1st Class Jenny Cisneros of the 925th CBN at Fort Drum, New York; Staff Sgt. Antoine Echols representing the 918th CBN at Fort Carson, Colorado; Staff Sgt. Marvin Hopkins from the 408th CSB from Kuwait; Staff Sgt. Thomas Parks of the 922nd CBN at Fort Campbell; Sgt. Kristoffer Saranghilo representing the 919th CBN at Fort Bliss, Texas; Sgt. 1st Class Orlando Serna of the 900th CBN at Fort Bragg; and Staff Sgt. Emilio Silvia-Figueroa from the 902nd CBN at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.