Agency Invests in Professional and Leadership Development

By Ms. Victoria Eby (Army Audit Agency)May 3, 2019

FORT BELVOIR, VA -- The U.S. Army Audit Agency's Operations Management Directorate recently brought all supervisory 13s and 14s together for a week of specialized training. The Resource Management for Supervisors Symposium was designed to give supervisors the information, skills, and tools they need to be effective leaders as well as emphasizing their own professional development. The training included several external speakers from both within and outside government as well as subject matter experts from Operations Management.

"First-line supervisors play a critical role in employee engagement and are crucial in helping our organization become more agile," said the program director for Workforce Management. "It's a tough job, particularly during these times of budget cuts, shifting Army priorities, and Agency changes. We designed the symposium to help supervisors meet their daily challenges."

Topics included Agency updates from senior leaders, resiliency skills, employee engagement, recognition, telework, discipline and coaching, managing leave and flexibilities, reasonable accommodation, grievances, diversity and inclusiveness, workplace safety, writing ECQs, an SETM program overview, and briefings from leaders of each of the Operation Management's teams.

"The symposium clarified what's expected of me as a manager," said one audit manager on the Human Capital Audits team. "I got a lot out of the week, including some information that I was able to immediately put to use. The presentations by the Human Resources staff provided tools and resources I need to be an effective manager. One of several highlights was the open forum held by the SES group. This gave us all the opportunity to share our concerns and thoughts and ask questions. I appreciated the two-way nature of the forum."

The chief of logistics commented, "This was one of the best training events I've attended in my 30-year military career. Best AAA training I ever attended!"