925th CBN Soldiers transitioning to Army Combat Fitness Test

By 925th Contracting BattalionMay 1, 2019

925th CBN Soldiers transitioning to new Army fitness
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925th CBN Soldiers transitioning to new Army fitness
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FORT DRUM, New York (May 1, 2019) -- Soldiers from the 925th Contracting Battalion have taken a deliberate "crawl, walk, run" training methodology to safely and effectively transition to Army Combat Fitness Test standards by executing event-specific physical training every Friday for the last eight weeks in order to properly prepare for and understand functional fitness training.

The Army is implementing changes in order to more effectively meet the physical demands required of every Soldier. The new ACFT modernizes physical fitness assessments that is driving change in physical training.

Majs. Jamie Michel and Michael Krivensky resourced, planned and executed each block of instruction.

"I tried to take a holistic approach to fitness and share that with the battalion," Michel said. "We instructed proper technique to avoid injury and encouraged everyone to have fun, which was accomplished by injecting competition in every training event."

Each training day focused on the task, conditions and standards for each ACFT event. The crawl phase consisted of detailed instruction and demonstration for each of the five events while instructors monitored each Soldier as they conducted the movements. The walk phase introduced the sequential aspect of the test by grouping events together with increased repetitions and speed. The five events were split into two days. This gave 925th CBN Soldiers a feel for the pace and demands of the events in sequence. The run phase replicated all events of the AFCT and was executed under testing conditions

"For me, it was especially important to see the deadlift demonstrated and be given ample time to get comfortable with it since I had only done it a few times prior," explained Staff Sgt. Kassandra Robinson, "Major Michel's instruction and approach helped lay a foundation for me to continue to train in preparation for the upcoming ACFT requirements."

Preparation for the ACFT will require each Soldier to continue training on their own, specifically concentrating on their weaker areas identified throughout training. The unit will continue to emphasize ACFT requirements throughout unit prescribed training, but battalion leaders cannot stress enough the need for each individual to make the necessary adjustments on their own to ensure they are adequately prepared.

"The 925th has and will continue to take the necessary steps to make sure their Soldiers will be ready to meet the challenge," added Krivensky.

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