CENTER OF EXCELLENCE FOR MANPOWER AND ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSISU.S. Army Manpower Analysis Agency 5915 16th Street, Building 238 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5514Commercial: (703) 805-4229 DSN: 655usarmy.belvoir.hqda-asa-mra.mbx.usamaa-website@mail.milUSAMAA VISIONUniversally recognized and accepted as the Army's customer-focused, results-oriented agency for manpower analysisUSAMAA MISSIONProvides the Secretary of the Army the capability to perform his Title 10 responsibilities for manpower analysis and assists the ASA (M&RA) in the active supervision of manpower policies and manpower requirements determination by providing holistic manpower-related analysis necessary for Army Senior Leaders to make informed decisions pertaining to the Army's generating force.USAMAA FUNCTIONS1. On behalf of the ASA (M&RA), enable senior leader strategic manpower-related initiatives by providing analytical justification for critical manpower decisions across the Army.2. Conduct manpower studies and develop manpower requirements models for HQDA and Generating Force Army headquarters elements.3. Validate manpower studies and manpower requirements models developed by Generating Force Army commands.4. Validate the manpower analysis portion of all Concept Plans.5. Provide proactive support to Generating Force Army organizations for all manpower requirements determination issues.USAMAA ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREMs. Robin Mealer Director, USAMAAOperations Support Division • FORSCOM • USARC • MEDCOM • USAREUR • USASOC • USARNORTH • USARSO • USARAF • HRC • USACHRA • USAMEB • ANC/USSAHNCInstitutional Support Division • TRADOC • USARCENT • USARPAC • USACIDC • INSCOM • ATEC • ARNG • AWCInfrastructure Support Division • AMC (SDDC & ACC) • USASMDC / ARSTRAT • ARCYBER/2A • USAASC • USACE • IMCOM • MDW • USMA • AFC • USAFMCOMUSAMAA STUDIESBaseline Submission Package:Document prepared by organization to be studied and submitted to USAMAA in advance, prior to any on-site visits. The baseline submission package is intended to be a comprehensive document that provides an executive overview of the mission and functions, organizational structure, workload, and manpower resources of a work center. It is the: • Foundation for the manpower study. • Reference point for data and manpower analysis. • Executive overview of the missions, functions, workload and associated resources by the work center(s).Guidelines To Prepare a Manpower Baseline Submission Package (See links section below)DATA INPUT REQUIREMENTS FOR A MANPOWER STUDY (DIRMS):DIRMS is a BSP alternate tool for collecting and submitting data for a traditional manpower study. The document below provides an introduction to DIRMS.Introduction to DIRMS (See links section below)OBTAINING USAMAA VALIDATION/APPROVAL ON SINGLE-POINT STUDIES:This document provides guidance to Army organizations and commands on how to obtain USAMAA validation/approval of single-point studies conducted by their manpower organization. It includes a discussion on how to properly conduct studies, when to get USAMAA involvement during the study to help expedite the validation/approval process, and the study documents, referred to as the Study Validation Package, required for submission to USAMAA for their review. Additionally, the document includes product formats that are recommended for use by study teams.Guidelines for Obtaining Manpower Single-Point Study Validation/Approval (See links section below)REQUEST A STUDY:Army Organizations normally request Manpower and Organizational Studies to be completed by the manpower section assigned to their Major Army Command. US Army Manpower Analysis Agency (USAMAA) is then required to validate (approve) the results of such studies. In special cases, or in the case of HQDA organizations, Joint organizations, or Army Major Commands can request USAMAA conduct a Manpower and Organizational Study of their organization, using the request format provided here.Format for Requesting a Study (See links section below)STUDIES PROPONENT: Operations Division (703) 805-4226USAMAA MODELSSubmitting a Manpower Requirements Determination Model (MRDM) for validation:This document provides guidelines to the Requiring Organizations (ROs) for obtaining USAMAA validation of any manpower model that is a Manpower Requirements Determination Model (MRDM). Compliance with the process outlined will ensure the most expeditious processing and approval of your MRDM. Deviations from the process outlined in this document will require the approval of the Director, USAMAA.Instructions for Submitting a Manpower Requirements Determination Model (MRDM) for Validation (See links section below)Models Proponent: Infrastructure Division (703) 805-1231USAMAA CONCEPT PLANSConcept Plan Guidance:The DAMO-FM Concept Plan Guidance, included here for your convenience, provides the overall guidelines and procedures for submitting a concept plan. Please check with your Command Manager or Command Analyst to insure you have the most current version.CONCEPT PLAN GUIDANCE MEMO - 31 MAR 2010 (See links section below)Obtaining Validation of Workload in Concept Plans: This document provides guidance to Army organizations and commands on how to obtain validation of workload in concept plans submitted to DAMO-FM for approval. It includes a discussion on how to perform workload analysis, defines mission directive and the responsibilities of the unit role in the concept plan process. Additionally, the document includes product formats recommended for use by concept plan developers.CONCEPT PLAN WORKLOAD ANALYSIS GUIDELINES (See links section below)Concept Plan Proponent: Institutional Division (703) 805-1116