Soldiers are the centerpiece of the United States Army and they are the strength of our great Nation. Throughout our history, the Army has achieved remarkable success because of the exceptional men and women - Soldiers of unequalled skill, valor and courage - who have joined our ranks. Today's Soldiers are no different. They continue to epitomize what is best about America. They carry huge responsibilities and heavy burdens while providing faithful and selfless service to our nation in an uncertain world of global challenges and persistent conflict.

We are extremely grateful to partner with the local communities located near our camps, posts, and stations in taking care of our Army Families. We welcome the representatives of all interested faith groups and religious organizations to join us in providing more effective support of our soldiers and their Families as a part of the . See

<a href="">Army Community Covenant initiative</a>

We are especially committed to ensure that our Army Reserve and National Guard Family members receive community assistance when their Soldiers are mobilized in support of their official military duties. These Families frequently have limited access to the kinds of services and support systems available to those who live on or near large military installations. This handbook is intended as an information resource to guide civilian clergy and religious organizations who wish to reach out and support military Families who live in or near their communities.

Repeated operational deployments have placed a tremendous strain on our Soldiers and their Families. And yet they courageously carry on, daily making great sacrifices for the American people. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen are the real unsung heroes of all wars and conflicts. Thank you for your sincere interest and desire to support our men and women in uniform and the Families who stand with them. May God richly bless you and your communities as you extend your hand of fellowship and heart of support to our Army Families.

Pro Deo Et Patria!


Resources for Download:

<a href="'s%20Clergy_9%204%202008_HighRes_2_sided_print.pdf">Civilian Clergy Handbook (High Res)</a><hr>

<a href="'s%20Clergy_9%204%202008_LowRes_2_sided_print.pdf">Civilian Clergy Handbook (Low Res)</a><hr>

<a href=" D_HighRes_2_side.pdf">Civilian Clergy Handbook Appendix D (High Res)</a><hr>

<a href=" D_LowRes_2_side.pdf">Civilian Clergy Handbook Appendix D (Low Res)</a><hr>