His new unit, the SFAB, also requires adaptability and flexibility. The SFAB is a relatively new concept and is currently among the approximately 5,600 participants from 15 nations working together during Exercise Allied Spirit X, a multinational training exercise conducted at the 7th Army Training Command's Hohenfels Training area in southeastern Germany. Allied Spirit X echos the SFAB's mission of enhancing interoperability between NATO and key partner nations. SFAB companies by nature are compact and mobile, which requires its Soldiers to be highly adaptable. A perfect fit for Hull's versatility. "With only a 12-man company, I perform the tasks of multiple noncommissioned officers," said Hull. "I'm not only the company medic but also the armorer, schools and training NCO as well." The SFAB mission is training, advising, assisting, enabling and accompanying operations with allied and partner nations, each team must be a cohesive unit of professionals. Every U.S. Soldier in the SFAB is a volunteer who passed the Security Force Advisor Assessment qualification course, which is part of a rigorous selection process. The course focuses on teamwork, technical expertise and character - all traits needed to be an effective advisor. "All of our guys are older and more mature," said 1st Sgt. Shane Carvella, first sergeant for A. Co., 5th Bn., 1st SFAB. "We need the higher level of professionalism that comes with experience." Being a member of an SFAB unit takes dedication, perseverance and character, but in the end the payoff is shown in the camaraderie and professionalism of the Soldiers, said Hull. "We're like a family," said Hull. "It's the late nights, early mornings and miles and miles walked together, it's meeting people and learning new languages and all the culmination of experiences. The guys I work with are experts and the whole thing is an incredible experience." When their time at Hohenfels is over and Allied Spirit X has come to an end, Hull will leave for a few weeks training in Hawaii, followed shortly by courses at the Army Trauma Training Center in Miami, Florida to continue his education and improve his skills as well as enhance the abilities of his team.