The 30th Medical Brigade SHARP team is raising awareness and promoting prevention during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, with a SHARP Escape Room, April 25-26 in Baumholder, Germany.This year, 75 teal flags are pinned in the ground as a solemn representation of the 75 victims of sexual assault in Rheinland Pfalz in Fiscal Year 2018. The ultimate goal for the Escape Room, and the many other activities happening throughout the community in the month of April, is to decrease that number. Sgt. 1st Class Toni Stevenson, 30th Medical Brigade Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, and Ms. Jennifer Streeter, current SHARP Program Manager for 21st TSC and former 30th Medical Brigade Victim Advocate, are the masterminds behind the event, held in Building 8302, from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., April 25-26.Stevenson explained that the idea for the escape room came about during last year's SAAPM, but didn't take to life until after attending 16th Sustainment Brigade's Equal Opportunity Escape Room during Black History Month.The room itself has an eerie vibe. Located in the home of 254th Medical Detachment COBRAs, Soldiers live on either side of the room. It's decorated with personal pictures and posters. There are clothes hanging in the closet and a uniform in the laundry basket. It feels as if the tenant could enter any second.The hosts start the 30-minute timer when reading the initial scenario which insinuates that the first clue is hidden with an item in which the inhabitant of the room takes great pride. From there, participants are self-guided through 15 clues, which continue the scenario of a party escalating, with participants in the dark with party lights and obscuring sunglasses, to an unconscious person who is unable to give consent. The sexual assault restricted and unrestricted reporting options, as well as knowing the DA form for reporting formal complaints of sexual harassment, also hold the keys to some of the clues. The series culminates with participants having to create a lure to fish a box, which contains a key, from outside of a cracked window.64th Medical Detachment (VSS) Sustainment Team, consisting of Sgt. Joshua Kerr, Spc. Claudia Frasier, and Pvt. Derrick Davis is one group that has successfully "escaped." They exited the room with reluctant smiles. They had come short of defeating the 30th Medical Brigade Command Team's time by a mere 14 seconds. Despite the narrow loss, they said it was one of the best SHARP events that they had attended. It was unique and hands-on. It was fun.If you or your unit would like to test your problem solving skills and SHARP knowledge or attempt to beat the existing record of 21:40 set by the "District 1" of the 64th Medical Detachment (VSS), check out the SHARP Escape Room, which will be open 25-26 April in Baumholder, BLDG 8302, 1000-1800 hours. All members of the community are welcome!