Fort Leonard Wood's Ready and Resilient Performance Center is helping units work toward building more resilient Soldiers both mentally and physically by incorporating tasks requiring mental skills into unit physical training sessions that can be tailored to fit the unit's needs.

RC Performance Center Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Master Sgt. Brad Reigel, said the sessions are designed to work on mental focus through team building and communication in addition to the physical workout.

"PT doesn't always have to be redundant," he said. "This is changing it up a couple of notches, so they're getting a work out; their heart rate up, and at the same time they're having fun."

Master Sgt. Shane Parker, R2 program manager, said the tailorable training teaches individuals to rid themselves of mental distractors and to focus on the task at hand.

"They are learning how to be more productive and mentally attuned to what's going on right there in front of them," Parker said. "If a Soldier is able to mentally process things that are in front of them quickly and decide what's most important at that point in time, they can complete the task at a faster rate and be more efficient at those tasks, as well."

Parker said everything is "unit driven" and run by a "very flexible" R2 staff.

"They talk to the unit and ask what they want to focus on," he said. "They'll do their research, look at case studies and see what they can come up with."

Reigel said the center has six performance enhancement experts on staff who also reach out to their peers across the Army.

3rd Chemical Brigade recently took advantage of the service for their monthly senior leader PT session.

"We worked with them to design this to educate all the leaders across the formation that this is what they have to offer, while they are still getting a good physical workout," Capt. Benjamin Harney, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment, commander. "It was a rousing success."

The center also offers academic performance enhancement training designed to prepare those getting ready to attend academic-heavy courses.

All services are available to Soldiers, family members and Department of the Army civilians. To schedule a session, or for more information, call 573.563.4174.