Turning in military property can be a complicated task, but, thanks to the Fort Jackson Disposition Service, the turn-in process has become easier. The program saves valuable time and is local.

Most supply and property book personnel are familiar with the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office. However, DRMO was taken over by the Defense Logistics Agency late last year. When this happened, Fort Jackson lost its ability to turn in excess and unserviceable equipment to a local warehouse.

This resulted in Soldiers and civilians transporting their equipment for turn-in to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, a two-to three-hour drive across state lines.

"The command wanted to provide an avenue for the organization to minimize time on the road and a safe means of getting property from Fort Jackson to Fort Bragg," said George Smith, deputy G4.
To provide this convenience, Fort Jackson created its own disposition service that acts as a transportation conduit between the two military installations.

"You can schedule an appointment the first Wednesday of the month," said Jenkinson Tindal, supply management specialist.

The drop-off location is a warehouse, located at Building 1905 on Ewell Road, that prepares equipment for shipping and temporarily holds this equipment until contracted transportation hauls it away to its final destination where it can be recycled, redistributed or sold to other agencies.

The warehouse is operated by Supply Technician Mike Hall. Here, Hall and his staff can help unload heavy equipment using a fork lift and show personnel how to palletize and properly band equipment for pick-up.

"All you have to do is get your items to our warehouse," Hall said. "We will provide the assistance."
While the turn-in process has become easier and more efficient, anyone turning in equipment should come prepared with the proper paperwork and be ready to help unload equipment.

"Ensure you have at least five copies of your (DD Form) 1348," Hall said.

Equipment for turn-in will also need a spreadsheet containing an accurate count, description and national stock numbers for all equipment as well as any specialty forms such as a draining and cleaning statement or hard drive removal statement to ensure a smooth transaction. Once the equipment is collected, a bill of lading will be issued through e-mail for tracking purposes.

"You don't have to use us. You can call DLA yourself and schedule your own truck," Smith said. "The convenience (of using us) is if you don't have lift capability for when the trucks come to you, they don't provide forklifts, just drivers."

According to Hall, these drivers have a "no touch" policy, which means they don't provide packaging supplies for equipment turn-in or help with loading.

"We save a lot of time," Smith said.

To schedule an equipment turn-in or for more information, contact the Fort Jackson Disposition Service at 803-414-2755.