Welcome to the inaugural issue of our monthly newsletter. In keeping with efforts to become one team, this monthly internal circular will provide updates on events, milestones, opportunities and discussions across Army Futures Command, our Cross-Functional Teams, the Army Modernization architecture, and other information pertinent to AFC.

I'd like to briefly recap on a few of our most recent milestones and successes:

• U.S. Army Futures Command, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), and Vanderbilt University signed an Education Partnership Agreement during an event celebrating their continuing partnership April 9th.

• AFC participate in South by Southwest in March. This was the first attempt by the U.S Army and AFC to enter into this market. We look forward to developing our new relationships and participating in SXSW 2020.

I am also proud to report that, as we focus on setting aggressive timelines to design, test, and deliver capabilities to the Total Force, we have reduced a three- to five-year acquisition requirement processing timeline, down to a remarkable three- to five-months. The result will be modern, lethal, Soldier-tested capabilities fielded across the Total Army at the earliest possible opportunity.

AFC is bringing together the organizations required to accomplish its part in what Army Secretary Mark Esper calls the "Renaissance" of the U.S. Army, which includes much-needed changes to how we do business, how we interact, and even how we think.

What we're charged to do will require real, hard change, and we cannot accomplish it alone. We will rely on a Mission Command mentality as our foundation, and the Army culture as our pillars. We need to work with, and adopt best practices from industry, innovators, startups, entrepreneurs, and each other. By working this way, we will find the best solutions to get ahead -- and stay ahead-- of our adversaries. It will force us to think differently, and seek opportunities in non-traditional spaces. It is a clash of cultures, but one with long-term benefits to our Army.

Our adversaries will not wait for the U.S. to regain and maintain its military dominance. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that we build, fail early, learn, and build again, to ensure the readiness and lethality of our Soldiers today, and on any future battlefield.

We welcome your feedback and ideas on our way ahead. Thank you for what you are doing on behalf Army Futures Command, and on behalf of the men and women of our Army.

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