Information on this page is provided to enhance your comprehension of uniform policies established within the updated AR 670-1 and the new accompanying DA Pam.AR 670-1 and DA Pam 670-1 are located on the Army Publishing Directorate's web page at the link below.####Who should contact G-1 with uniform policy questions? Soldiers should address questions regarding AR 670-1 to their immediate chain of command. Senior leaders or Army Command G-1s needing clarification should contact G-1 Uniform Policy (from their official e-mail address) using the email address link below.Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 DAPE-ZA-U (Uniform Policy) 300 Army Pentagon Washington, DC 20310-0300E-mail Address: do Soldiers recommend changes to uniform policy?*Soldiers should submit a DA Form 2028 with full justification. The form must be endorsed through the chain of command (ACOM/ASSC/DRU level) to the Army G-1 for significant changes.*Decisions on uniform policies are completed through a board process after full legal review.*The Army's process of changing any item of an Army uniform (to include how items are worn) allows a thorough review before implementing any permanent changes.