Ammunition Specialists that pave the way
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Ammunition Specialists pave the way
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Ammunition specialists from Task Force 3-6 Heavy Cav have established a new Ready Ammunition Storage Area (RASA) and were able to begin resupplying the unit's aircraft within 48 hours of it being built here in Afghanistan.

Ammunition specialists are responsible for the management of ammunition and explosives. This includes the supply, accountability, ordering and transporting of ammunition, missiles, rockets and other various types of ammunitions.

The Task Force Heavy Cav ammo specialists, and others, established an entire RASA with over 5,000 pounds of ammunition in order to support aviation operations across Afghanistan in support of Operation's Freedom's Sentinel and Resolute Support.

"A lot of times you don't realize where exactly the ammo comes from. You don't see the hard work of the Soldiers ordering it online, picking it up, transporting it, storing it, and then distributing it in the pads," said 1st Lt. Mike Westrom, the Officer in Charge of Echo Troop Forward Detachment. "It's a lot of work. A lot of knowledge and know-how, and technical expertise. Then it takes, also, a lot of physical labor on the other hand. So, it's a really impressive MOS and these guys kill it and work really hard every day."

During the deployment the team has learned how imperative their role is in mission readiness. The RASA they have established is a combat multiplier, which enables the task force to store all of the aircraft's ammunition safely next to the flight line, making it easily accessible and allows for quick reloading.

"I've learned a lot more since I've been on this deployment," said Sgt. Dominique Moss, originally a petroleum specialist who has been tasked to the team due to his past expertise. Moss explained that their job is different back home because they deal with training rounds. He's also learned more about Ammunition Basic Load, which allowed him to learn what quantity and type of ammunition is needed for each aircraft and what is needed on a Forward Arming and Refueling Point in case of an emergency.

There are multiple career opportunities available in the Army and each job contributes to overall mission success. The Task Force 3-6 Heavy Cav ammunition specialists' team has allowed our Iron Eagles to remain mission ready and work to inspire others with their professionalism and honorable service.