On April 10, 2019, the Warhorse and Outlaw Troops from the 4th Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment earned 90-day and 180-day no DUI streamers respectively due to the unit's local No DUI Saber Program.The No DUI Saber Program gives Soldiers the support they need if they find themselves in a situation where they are not sober and need a plan to safely commute home. Sometimes, plans can fall through, and Soldiers can run out of options.However, one thing that everyone agrees upon is that drinking and driving should not be one of those options. If a trooper's primary, alternate and contingency plan are no longer feasible and if they are no longer confident in their emergency plan, the No DUI Saber Program will be there to help them.Each weekend, the program's volunteers are on call to assist their fellow Soldiers. Should they receive a call, one volunteer will be dispatched to pick up a Soldier, and another volunteer will drive the Soldier's vehicle back home. The program will always keep the Soldier's identity anonymous, and volunteers will never question the program's passengers or to be paid back.The Saber Squadron is known for its close camaraderie, and they have plenty of volunteers seeking to help as many Soldiers as possible within their unit. Although similar to other units' no DUI programs, the significance of their number of volunteers is what sets the unit's programs from others."We seek nothing in return; we do this out of the kindness of our hearts," said Staff Sgt. Logan Haupt, a fire support noncommissioned officer in Saber Squadron and volunteer representative for Warhorse Troop. "We don't want to see anyone messing up their lives for an easily preventable circumstance."The U.S. Army has made it a priority to increase the safety of our Soldiers as well as the safety of the public in our host nation, Germany. Whether it is through the Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention Program or the no DUI program, volunteers are willing to do what it takes to tackle these issues head on.After starting the program roughly a year ago, Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas Yaudas, senior enlisted advisor to 4/2, was more than pleased with what the results yielded."Every Soldier that we lose to a DUI has an immediate impact to our formation," said Yaudas. "The No DUI Saber initiative is combatting this preventable loss; all it takes is a phone call."With the current projections, it seems that the Warhorse and Outlaw Troops, through the use of the program, are on their way to being DUI free for well over 180 days.