FORT DRUM, NY -- For most, a death in the family can be profound, especially when it could have been prevented. Spc. Tyler Slack, an Intelligence Analyst for the 10th Sustainment Brigade, lost a close relative to a vehicle accident while under the influence of alcohol. This incident inspired Slack to volunteer his time and effort to stop the act of drinking and driving.The Fort Drum Drunk Driving Prevention Program (DDPP) was established to offer Soldiers an easy way to get themselves and their vehicles home safely, and free of charge."Maybe if he would have thought about not driving or had some way to get home safely he would still be here," said Slack. "That is really what motivates me to volunteer for a program like this.""The program was designed to eliminate drinking and driving of all service members in the Army," added Slack.According to Sgt. Aaron Foringer, the President of the Fort Drum Chapter DDPP, and Geospatial Engineer for the 10th Sustainment Brigade, Fort Drum was having an issue with Soldiers Driving Under the Influence (DUI)."The program helps to prevent Soldiers from making the wrong decision and protects the overall readiness of our organization," said Foringer.Soldiers looking to utilize this program must sign up at prior to requesting a ride."The program is completely anonymous," said Foringer. "We only track how many calls we've received and how many rides have been given."The Fort Drum Chapter DDPP has over 200 current volunteers, but they are always looking for more, said Foringer.As a volunteer with the DDPP, you get 10 hours per night. If you sign up to work every Friday and Saturday you will have the 500 hours required for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal in only 25 weeks, emphasized Slack."You have to have a passion for helping people to want to do it," said Slack, the Vice President of the Fort Drum DDPP. "The award is nice but even if that wasn't there I would still participate."If you are interested in volunteering for the program you can contact the Fort Drum Chapter DDPP via call or text at 315-775-8813, or the website. You can also contact the DDPP at for any further questions about the program."Drinking and driving is an extremely avoidable problem," said Slack. "We remain devoted to offer every possible method to prevent drunk driving and ultimately eliminate it."