The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) conducted a seminar for new supervisors at the command's headquarters on Scott Air Force Base, Illinois April 4.SDDC's G1/4 Civilian Personnel Division hosts the seminar semi-annually, for all civilian and military personnel who supervise Army civilians and includes topics such as hiring processes, awards programs, performance management and professional development.SDDC's Deputy to the Commander, Bryan Samson, opened the seminar by emphasizing the importance of investing in employees to help shape the future workforce of SDDC."It's important that we all invest in our employees, it's also important that we help our employees obtain knowledge about the organization that they joined," Samson said. "Who we are, how they fit into the organization, our purpose and intent -- that way they understand SDDC. And I think supervisors require the same sort of investment."During the seminar, new supervisors were presented with multiple tools, including copies of the SDDC Supervisors Guide and the Collective Bargaining Act, to help them better understand their roles, responsibilities, and terms and conditions of employment.The attendees participated in a panel discussion with a group of current SDDC supervisors, where they asked questions, gaining insight and practical knowledge from their personal experiences.Lance Davidson, human capital development specialist, served as the lead facilitator for the seminar. He emphasized that supervisors have many demanding duties, including playing a vital role in setting goals for performance and assigning deadlines for employees that support the organization's mission and vision. With the valuable information gained from the seminar, he said that he is confident the new supervisors will succeed in those duties."The seminar focuses on taking care of our employees and provides a wide range of ways for supervisors to accomplish those means. From planning and selecting the most qualified hires, to training, developing, and retaining those employees, we must focus on taking care of our careerists," Davidson said. "Our people are our strategic advantage."