ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- With the title of Roads and Grounds Branch, it's easy to see why most people think this group in the Directorate of Public Works is merely responsible for cutting grass and striping parking lots and roads.They perform those tasks, but that is the very tiniest tip of the iceberg for this eclectic team of about 20 individuals."Basically, what Roads and Grounds is over is everything inside the fence," said Rickey Cline, a depot maintenance support supervisor.Cline said the branch's duties regarding plants, trees, grass cutting and weed eating can be a full-time job for the crew, even in the winter.In addition to that, they have a host of other responsibilities.Have a spill of any kind? The Roads and Grounds Branch runs the vacuum truck which will assist with cleanup.That wasp nest being built in your favorite spot for lunch - pest control falls under the branch's areas of responsibility.Taking care of the trees throughout Anniston Army Depot is also part of the job, as the installation's sole forester is employed with Roads and Grounds."When storms come, like we've had recently, and trees fall, we go in to clean them up," said Cline.They also do a little demolition work."Any small facility that needs to be torn down - small sheds or items like that - we take care of those," said Steve Carroll, a maintenance support specialist for Roads and Grounds.The team also repairs fencing, cleans concrete, creates fire breaks, grades and repairs security roads and performs other cleanup duties throughout the installation."Of course, we also pour concrete as well, small pads of concrete," said Carroll.The organization often has 10 or more service orders each day, taking them to every part of the more than 15,000-acre installation.Because the work they do often has to meet certain codes and regulations, the employees have certifications as quality control inspectors for erosion control.Service orders and work orders for the crew should go to Ext. 7349, but the branch does allow for the occasional emergency."If something happens and it's an emergency, they can call us directly," said Cline.