Kimbrough is on Fort George G. Meade app

By U.S. ArmyApril 4, 2019

Fort George G. Meade app
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Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center has partnered with Fort Meade to ensure their patients get the information they need in the most direct way possible.

In a new communications partnership, Fort Meade will share the platform the installation uses to reach service members, civilians, retirees and their families.

Users will now find a Kimbrough button on the Fort George G. Meade app.

"We are excited to take this opportunity to get on board with the Fort George G. Meade app," said Chul (Chuck) Yang, the Kimbrough public affairs officer. "This is an additional platform to inform and promote health matters for warriors, family members and all those entrusted to our care."

The app is expandable to provide options that could benefit other Fort Meade tenant partners, said Chad Jones, Fort Meade Public Affairs officer.

"Every organization on the installation has an audience they need to communicate with," Jones said. "The more information we can provide on one focused outlet, the easier it is for all of us to disseminate important information to the people who need it."

The app was originally employed to disseminate weather alerts, installation status and access to the 24/7 Command Line. The report button provides many ways for users to directly report things like potholes and stray animals, and to directly dial a variety of help lines.

Most recently, a feature was added to provide directions to make it easier to navigate the post.

"The best part about the app is its versatility," Jones said. "Some options allow an organization to invite specific individuals to have access to targeted information.

"By partnering with the installation as a sub-application, they also have the ability to communicate to our wider audience as well. If you are an organization on Fort Meade and you're looking for a way to harness this tool, I encourage you to contact us to explore the possibilities."

The Fort Meade app, said Yang, will enhance Kimbrough's communication processes.

"This partnership is another way to show Kimbrough's commitment in providing safe and quality care that service members, retirees and their families deserve," he said.

Look for the caduceus icon on the app to access Kimbrough information.

The Fort George G. Meade app is free and can be downloaded from any app store as well. The app is available in the PUMA app store and is approved for government phones