DETROIT ARSENAL, Mi. - The American flag. A representation of our Nation's independence, our unity, our equality, and our strength. For more than 230 years, the American flag has been the symbol of inspiration and hope for U.S. citizens in peacetime and during war.

Tradition dictates that U.S. Military installations respectfully raise the flag at daybreak and retire the Colors at dusk. But what happens when Soldiers are not readily available to perform the ceremonial duties of this ritual on a daily basis' The Detroit Arsenal has solved this dilemma by making use of technology.

Under the direction of the USAG-Detroit Arsenal, the installation's video crew taped Soldiers from the Michigan Army National Guard performing the flag ceremony. With great reverence and respect, the production is aired daily during the work week on the flat-panel televisions located throughout the Arsenal.

Mr. Arthur Young, Retired Army Officer and Director of Emergency Services, described the importance of the flag ceremony as an "enduring aspect of the Military. It is a sense of community. When you hear Reveille, you feel something."

The USAG-Detroit Arsenal ensures the history of flag rites remains a time-honored tradition. Each day, Soldiers and DA Civilians are afforded the opportunity to stop and pay homage to America's symbol.

"The flag belongs to the Nation," states Young. "It belongs to all of us. It connects us."