"I've been at Fort Leonard Wood for five years. I did basic here, AIT, came back to be a drill sergeant and now as a chemical officer. At the two-year mark of my drill sergeant tour, I decided I wanted to make a transition. I thought back to my very first duty station, 385th MP Battalion at Fort Stewart. My battalion commander, who is now the assistant commandant of the MP School, (Col. Eugenia Guilmartin), walked out to the front of the formation, and I said 'that's what I want to do, I want to be the commander of troops'. I enjoy seeing strong female leadership because I feel we need that. As a whole, females are the minority in this profession. I hope to be a part of that. Having been a chemical NCO, I have that as a baseline so I feel that it will make me a better chemical officer. I recently graduated OCS and now I'm back at Fort Leonard Wood, looking forward to going to Chem BOLC and starting my chemical officer adventure."