"Something I hear a lot about the band; they say that we the face of the Army. Like this weekend, we are doing a parade and we're going to downtown St. Louis. And obviously we do our marches and the anthem, but when people see us marching down the street in the parade they don't really think that's the Army band. They think that's the Army. They see the uniform and we look really sharp, look really good. It's the presence and the character that we have. I think it's really rewarding to be seen in the public eye as a good steward of the Army and the band. I think it is just awesome that we get to do outreach stuff like this and in big cities like St. Louis. I think it's really rewarding to be there in the community and reaching out by sharing music. I think we have such a valuable and rewarding job. It's an honor to do something like this. And to get paid to play, I think it's awesome."