FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- The Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, known as CAPE, and Center for Army Leadership, or CAL, became the Center for the Army Profession and Leadership effective April 1.

The newly established organization, CAPL, is part of the Mission Command Center of Excellence and is located at Fort Leavenworth. It integrates CAL's leadership mission with CAPE's mission of strengthening the Army profession and inspiring Army professionals to honorably fulfill their oaths of service. CAPL assumes the responsibilities as the Army Force Modernization Proponent for the Army Profession, the Army Ethic and Army Values, Army leadership, and leader development. CAPL will continue to produce Army doctrine and education and training products which will remain available to support professional and leader development across the Army. CAPL will also continue to support the Secretary of Army's current themed education and training program "America's Army -- Our Profession" with Army profession and leadership seminars as requested.

CAPE and CAL products will remain available through their integrated website at

"The establishment of CAPL gives us one dynamic organization that we are excited about integrating," said Col. Dawn Hilton, CAPL director. "By combining the very best elements of these two organizations, we get a more efficient use of Army resources and gain synergy when tackling new initiatives on behalf of the Combined Arms Center."

CAPL also serves as lead integrator for personnel life-cycle functions into the Army profession, leadership, and leader development products as well as representing CAC on the Army's Talent Management Task Force.

CAPL will assume responsibility for the Army profession, leadership, and leader development doctrine provided in Army Doctrine Publication 1-1 and the 6-22 series of publications. They will also continue to produce leader training materials for Army-wide distribution and remain capable of providing units, organizations, centers, and schools with subject matter expert presentations and seminars upon request.

This new organization will remain committed to providing the total Army with Army profession, leadership, and leader development, doctrine, programs and products that support current operations and drive change. This includes educating and informing the total Army on the application of moral principles of the Army Ethic, leadership, critical thinking and ethical reasoning within decision-making, and leader development. Finally, CAPL will help shape the future through the integration of the "Soldier for Life" identity and personnel life cycle management.

Col. Geoffrey Catlett, former CAPE director, sees the changes as beneficial to the Army. "The bottom line is, we gain effectiveness, but our overarching mission does not change. We will continue to develop Army professionals who inspire mutual trust and those who can develop cohesive teams through their leadership."