CORPUS CHRISTI ARMY DEPOT, Texas - The Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) hosted a booth during the DoD Hiring Heroes Career Fair at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonino, Texas, March 20th. The fair consisted of dozens of booths supported by multiple branches of the military and other agencies, which gave prospective job-seekers an opportunity to learn about various careers and even have on-the-spot interviews. A half-dozen CCAD employees were in attendance in an effort to promote current career openings at the depot, said Evelyn Reyes, an administrative officer, CCAD. Each employee brought with them a unique perspective of CCAD and experience in their particular positions. "A lot of what we do (at the career fair) is educating people about who CCAD is and what we do. CCAD is more than just mechanics and pilots, we have other fields," said Reyes. This is just one of a dozen career fairs CCAD has participated in as part of their human capital campaign, a project centered on a commitment to help fill critical or hard-to-fill positions at the depot, said Reyes. Some current hard-to-fill positions at the depot include financial management, engineers, chemists, flight test pilots, information technology, and welders. San Antonio resident, Nelson Brenner, said he came to the career fair looking for a position as a budget analyst and was able to be interviewed for one. With such results, Brenner said career fairs like this are a great opportunity for job seekers and hopes to visit others in the future. I think the Career Fair was very efficient and well organized, if they have more in the future I will come," said Brenner. Like Brenner, Reyes said the fair was a success and that CCAD had received a lot of interest from good, prospective candidates. The depot is scheduled to take part in multiple fairs throughout the year.