Have you ever considered eating a salad as your entree? Really--it can be done in a filing, tasty way.

In addition to the "usual"--tomato, cucumber, peppers, carrots--start with leafy greens, such as spinach, romaine lettuce, baby kale, leaf lettuce, watercress, and arugula. Better yet, mix several of them together for a healthy mix of antioxidants, vitamins and taste.

Then, add your protein of choice--could be left over chicken or steak, or it could be some little chunks of lunchmeats, such as smoked turkey, ham, or even tuna. You can also add some black beans, garbanzo beans or cannellini beans for additional protein and taste.

Adding a hardboiled egg would not only be another source of protein, it enhances your salad with extra tastes, just as adding some of your favorite cheese would.

And to sweeten things up a little you can try adding a few strawberries or raspberries--both are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Or a sprinkle of dried cranberries can also provide additional taste with extra health benefits.

Texture is a significant component to some people so adding some "crunch" to your salads may be important. You can add croutons--homemade if you have the time--or toasted nuts like pecans, walnuts or almonds. They are toasted by heating them up in a skillet and stirring them over medium heat until the nuts turn a shade darker. You can also add hulled sunflower or pumpkin seeds for additional flavor, crunch and nutrients.

The final ingredient for most people is dressing. But be careful not to add too much because you won't be able to taste all the different parts of your creation. If you are concerned about fat content try fat-free dressing, or a small amount of a vinaigrette.

Lastly, mix and enjoy!