BAUMHOLDER, Germany - U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz recently implemented a commander's hotline for on-post housing and barracks residents to reach the garrison commander directly with recurring issues or concerns related to their living space.

For issues that have not been resolved in a timely manner after submitting a housing work order, residents are encouraged to elevate their concerns to the garrison command team. A 24/7 number has been established in order to provide community members support around the clock.

The hotline recently came into use by a family in Baumholder who had concerns with their dwelling on Smith Barracks.

Upon arrival to Baumholder the family received a housing unit that was not up to standard, as mutually agreed upon by the family and the housing lead. The family exercised the use of the commander's hotline to let the command team know about the issues they were facing. As a result, the family was placed on a wait list for the next available unit with moving costs covered by the garrison. However, this is a rare occurrence and the intent is to meet the standards upon arrival.

"There were no significant life, health, or safety concerns identified that required an immediate relocation of the family, however, this family had endured undue hardships and their own financial burden upon arrival. So, to be able to relocate them at government expense to more suitable quarters based on family situation just made sense in helping them settle into the Baumholder community," said Nick Sifer, deputy garrison manager for Baumholder Military Community.

Garrison Commander Col. Jason Edwards emphasized that the recently introduced hotline is just one part of the process in best serving the Soldiers and families of the Rheinland-Pfalz community.

"We care deeply about the safety and well-being of our Soldiers and families. We have work to do to ensure every community member knows this and feels comfortable reaching out to us if needs aren't being met," Edwards said.

Housing residents should place work orders through the Air Force Housing Maintenance Line if living in Kaiserslautern Military Community family housing, and through the Directorate of Public Works if living in KMC barracks or Baumholder family housing or barracks.

Air Force Housing Maintenance Line (24/7 Assistance): 06371-463-9510
Kaiserslautern DPW: 0631-411-7175
Baumholder DPW: 0611-143-531-3060 or 06783-6-115 (Emergency After Duty Hours)

For recurring issues or matters that have not been resolved in a timely manner, housing residents should call the commander's hotline at 0611-143-541-3032.