FORT DRUM, N.Y. (March 21, 2018) -- Fort Drum Police Chief Todd Julian was welcomed as a member of the Order of the Marachaussee on March 20 among family, friends and colleagues during the Spring Law Enforcement Symposium on post.

The Military Police Corps Regimental award recognizes dedication, contribution and devotion to the MP Corps. It is one of the highest awards given to a military policeman in the Military Police Regimental Association.

Lt. Col. Scott R. Blanchard, 91st Military Police Battalion commander and Emergency Services director, said that Julian is someone who is more likely to heap praise on others rather than accept accolades himself. So, it took a little effort to convince Julian that he was deserving of this award.

"We actually had to make him come up here today to be recognized, because he is a humble servant-leader and has had a huge impact over the course of time to our Soldiers and our families on Fort Drum and across the community," Blanchard said.

Blanchard said that, throughout his career, Julian has demonstrated a dedication to serving others while leading and mentoring Soldiers and civilian police.

Julian said that he took an early interest in law enforcement as a child, and he began his career as a Soldier in 1985. He was selected by his command to become a military police investigator while stationed in Agusburg, Germany. While at great risk to himself, Julian used semi-covert techniques to make controlled drug purchases and seizures that resulted in more than $5 million in illicit narcotics removed from criminal trade. As team noncommissioned officer in charge, he led four major drug busts that resulted in eight arrests.

As a Department of the Army civilian, Julian would advance from patrol officer to police chief. He is credited with leading Fort Drum law enforcement to exceed three Installation Management Command higher headquarters assessments - passing with an average of 19 percent higher than the standard. Julian is also an active proponent for building relationships with local law enforcement among city, county, state and federal agencies.

Julian said that he was honored to be presented the award and he was grateful for those in attendance to share the occasion with him.

"I know this is an individual award, but I don't see it that way," Julian said. "How I see it, I've been surrounded by a lot of special people throughout the years. To me, one of the most important things is if you surround yourself with success, then you will be successful both professionally and in your personal life."

His wife, children and granddaughter were invited to stand by his side during the ceremony.

"I still have a strong passion for this job and this community but, by far, I have the most passion for my family," he said. "They are what keeps me going every day."