Watching the body transform and the feeling people are left with after working out is often all the incentive people need to keep up with an exercise program. However, Tanya Hengiman, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, is sweetening the pot for people who sign up for the New U sessions.New U is a program that was developed on Fort Riley to give people the benefits of a personal trainer without the cost. People can sign up in small four- to eight-person groups and meet with a personal trainer three times a week for 12 weeks.Henigman said when people signup for their initial session, they will receive a small item. Each time they sign up for another 12 weeks, they'll receive another incentive prize."The incentive will increase in value every session that they sign up for," she said. "On their first session it could be a workout towel and then it'll go up to maybe a nice water bottle. Each incentive will have the new New U logo on it."The incentive program is a way to encourage people to continue signing up. It also shows appreciation for those who are committed to a personal fitness journey and have enlisted the help of DFMWR trainers to get there.New U is $75 for the 12-week session."Basically, you're getting a personal trainer for $6.25 an hour, which is super cheap," she said. The benefit of having a personal trainer is that people can get the individualized attention they need to move forward on their fitness journey. They can be guided by someone with the training and expertise to know how to customize a workout plan for the individual, Henigman said."It encourages buddy workouts for people who want to get together and workout," she said.There are several trainers who offer different combination of days and time slots for their New U groups meet. To find one to fit into an individual's schedule stop by Whitside Fitness Center at 684 Huebner Road or call 785-239-2573. #FitFirst