March 9 was the night for families to enjoy the monthly free movie night at the post library. With a bag of popcorn and a drink, they settled in to watch "Christopher Robin."Stormy Martin, library clerk, said the turnout was good."So, one day we could have one person with a bunch of kids, or we can have a lot," she said. Rebecca Basil, Library project manager, said the number of visitors fluctuates depending on the movie showing."If it's a really popular movie then we could get a bit more people," she said. "The downfall is that because we are such a small facility, we can only accommodate about a dozen people and be comfortable. I really foresee when we get to the new facility, we will see a huge uptick in how many people we have."Other programs the library staff has to offer include Wednesday storytime, library parties and more. "Every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., we do story time," Basil said. "We have a story board out front that tells what is coming up for the whole month. There are some really great stories, like this is Dr. Seuss Month, so we have bunch of Dr. Seuss. We usually have a good turnout with that. With that they will do a craft and have a snack. We also have our parties monthly and the next one is on the 23rd of March."Basil said the upcoming spring party is "going to be great" because guests will be planting flowers in addition to the other activities planned.The summer and winter reading programs, which were recently opened to include adults, are also big events for patrons to the library, Basil said."Our summer reading program is really the biggest event that we have," she said. "We encompass the entire summer with different events. We make them even bigger because one, it's nice and we can do that, but it also helps bring in more patrons to see what the library has. Because a lot of people don't realize we are back here."The Fort Riley Post Library is at 5306 Hood Drive, near the U.S. Post Office.