ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Speakers Angie Daniel and Tamara Kidd, along with a group of talented band members, inspired, entertained and empowered the capacity crowd at Anniston Army Depot's Women's History Month luncheon.Daniel and Kidd's messages, while geared toward the women in the audience, were also meant for the men present. They shared tips on self-care as well as ways to support the women in your life - from your wife to your mother, sister, daughter or friend.The band set the tone for the luncheon, playing upbeat favorites from Perri Jones' "Free" to Aretha Franklin's "Respect."Daniel, a school counselor and licensed professional counselor in Munford, spoke about the history of 10 women who helped change the field of psychology at a time when many universities wouldn't allow women to study the sciences."They were influential for women to get into this field of study," said Daniel. "Today, the majority of people in the psychology field are women."As she closed her remarks, Daniel asked everyone to be aware of what you tell yourself. She said we often let ourselves dwell on negative thoughts which keep us from striving for more or doing what we love."We miss out on so many blessings and so many ways we can succeed, just based on what we tell ourselves," said Daniel.Kidd, a social worker, discussed how she recently counseled a mother who was preparing to get back into the workforce and thought she didn't have skills.Kidd shared with her the numerous skills she had demonstrated with her children - from cooking to nursing, banking and security."We have to utilize the skills we have - and we have a lot of them," said Kidd, speaking of mothers. She reminded those present to take care of themselves, in order to take better care of others.Kidd told of a time she was overstressed, overweight and out of balance. At that point, she knew life changes were needed and she learned to take proper care of herself."What you don't confront mentally will show up in your body physically," said Kidd.