MISSIONServe as the single point of contact for the accurate and efficient administrative processing of background checks and investigations for Army personnel who have regular contact with children. Provide premiere customer service and support to Army stakeholders worldwide in the review, processing and adjudication of child services suitability cases.WHAT'S NEW• The CSSC is now performing all child services suitability and fitness adjudicative functions for all serviced customers. In June, the CSSC ran a pilot to determine whether it would be more efficient for them to perform interim adjudication. That pilot was successful, and in July the CSSC began making all interim and reverification child services suitability adjudication decisions for its customers. Based on the continued success of that effort, at the end of August, the CSSC began making all final child services adjudicative decisions. These changes resulted in reduction of processing time both at the CSSC and in the garrisons, allowing faster on-boarding of new employees and removing them from Line of Sight Supervision. The CSSC looks forward to continued changes and process improvements that allow them to better serve the Army.• Effective 1 October, 2018, the Personnel Security Investigation Portal (PSIP) is being used to submit all cases to the CSSC for action. Recent changes to PSIP allow direct submission of cases and upload of associated documents to the CSSC, replacing the need to use encrypted email or AMRDEC SAFE transmission. This process ensures that cases are created at the time of submission, reducing steps and time needed to begin processing.• Tony Prestridge is the new Director of the CSSC, now known as the Centralized Suitability Service Center, formerly the Child Services Suitability Cell.DOD/ARMY/POLICY REGULATIONS, GUIDES, and FORMS