The broomball game consisted of three eight-minute periods with players sliding across the ice, wearing normal shoes and using plastic paddles with the intent of hitting a ball into the goal. The Screaming Eagles took the lead in the first period with a single goal, but Jim Durrett's (Montgomery County Mayor) team answered quickly with a goal of their own in the second period. The final period ended with another score from the mayor's team putting them into the lead. The announcer counted down from ten and finally called the game, Montgomery County won two to one. After a round of handshakes and high fives, Jim Pitts, the mayor of Clarksville, presented the winning team with a trophy and the game ball. "The competitive spirit always shows through and everybody played to win on both sides," Major General Andrew Poppas, commander, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) said. "The friends we have in this community, both personally and as an organization, the 101st and Fort Campbell is absolutely fortunate to be here. You can just see the depth of friendships that have been built over the years." -30-