VICENZA, Italy (March 20, 2019) -- In an ongoing effort to increase Vicenza Military Community recycling rates, 50-liter recycling containers were recently made available to Villaggio residents at the U-Do-It Center.

In addition to these, seven-liter containers for organic waste (umido) are also now available at the same location. Following are examples of how to use these containers:

Permitted contents:
. fruit and vegetable waste
. waste from meat and fish
. garden waste (plants, flowers, grass cuttings, etc.)
. dairy products
. eggshells
. rotten food
. coffee grounds
. small and large bones
. dirty paper and cardboard (e.g. dirty pizza boxes)
. ashes
. excrement from small animals
. dirty paper tablecloths and napkins

Not Permitted:
. vacuum cleaner bags
. disposable diapers and sanitary protection
. textiles
. varnished wood
. coated paper
. vegetable oils

Please note that if liners are used inside these containers, they must be compostable, such as grocery bags currently provided at the commissary and Post Exchange. These containers should be emptied regularly in the brown wheelie bins that are located in each neighborhood eco island.

Anyone who has not yet received their 50-liter containers and/or wish to receive an organic waste container, may go to the You Do-It Center during normal operating hours.

While umido containers are only currently available for Villaggio residents, 50- and 21-liter containers for glass, paper, and plastic and cans continue to be available for all other VMC activities.

For more information; or to request containers for your building, please contact the USAG Italy solid waste/recycling compliance manager at DSN 646-2634, comm. 0444-71-2634; or via email at