LANDSTUHL, Germany - The 7221st Medical Support Unit transferred authority of the Deployed Warrior Medical Management Center mission to the 7234th Medical Support Unit at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany, on March 14, 2019.The 7221st MSU deployed approximately 35 Soldiers to the Deployed Warrior Medical Management Center at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel from June 25, 2018 to March 19, 2019. The 7234th MSU is set to take over the mission for the next iteration.The official party for the ceremony included Brig. Gen. Joseph A. Marsiglia, Army Reserve Medical Command's deputy commanding general; LRMC commander, Col. Timothy Hudson; 7221st MSU commander, Lt. Col. Katherine A. Marr; and 7234th MSU commander, Col. Paul G. Graham.In his remarks to the Soldiers of the 7221st, Brig. General Marsiglia said, "I want you to take that [experience] back to your formations and use that as you mentor other Soldiers. Share your experiences, good bad or ugly, and help them to be more ready as they get ready to perhaps come into a fight at some point in time. Everything you do is about readiness. I hope and I feel that every one of you leaves here more ready to be a Soldier in the United States Army, than you were when you got here."And to the Soldiers of the 7234th, Marsiglia said, "For those of you coming in, you're Soldiers in the United States Army, never forget that. Always do the right thing. Always, even when it is the hard thing to do. Do the right thing."Since 2001, the DWMMC has been responsible for the care of more than 100,000 medically evacuated patients. In the last nine months, the 7221st received more than 1,500 patients in their tenure at the DWMMC from U.S. Central Command, U.S. Africa Command and U.S. Europe Command. They returned 225 Soldiers to their respective theaters to continue their mission, and transitioned the remaining Wounded Warriors back to the United States for continued care.The 7221st maintained their own health readiness while also working to enhance the readiness of other medical teams at LRMC such as instructing Team STEPPS, Medical Readiness Training, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care courses.The 7221st also assisted in a number of other healthcare delivery exercises such as serving as the medical center lead for the Health Experts on-Line Portal (H.E.L.P.) working group as well as assisting with transporting specialty teams between Frankfurt International airport to LRMC for patient care.In terms of internal personal development, two 7221st senior leaders were inducted into the Army Medical Department's Order of Military Medical Merit and one 7221st Soldier earned the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge.During her formal remarks, Lieutenant Colonel Katherine A. Marr, 7221st Commander, told the Soldiers from both units, "This has been a fantastic experience, it has been a chance to do meaningful work in a great location, such as LRMC. So for all of you, all of us leaving and those of you coming in, thank you for sacrificing for the team. Thank you for those of you who put in so many extra hours to take care of each other and the mission. Thank you for realizing that there are things that are bigger than self."Specialist Erica Smith, a Soldier in the 7221st, who supported in-bound missions at the DWMMC said, "To be a part of a mission, and help, just reminded me that there are really people out there who are serving our country and taking hits for it. Just seeing that made me strive and remember what I joined the Army for."The 7234th MSU is on-ground at LRMC and ready to take over the mission as the 7221st heads home.In reference to his team ready step into the shoes of those of the 7221st, the 7234th MSU commander, Colonel Paul G. Graham, said, "They are excited to better the lives of the Soldiers that we're charged to provide care for."Story and photos by Capt. Kaitlyn Heacock, U.S. Army Reserve, 7th Mission Support Command