The USACE Marmal Project Delivery Platform participated in a multi-national marksmanship training event at Train Advise Assist Command-North (TAAC-N) at Camp Marmal, Afghanistan March 13.Staff Sergeant (P) Andrew Pretty executed an in-depth pre-marksmanship training on the M4, M9 and M249 U. S. weapon systems to a large group of TAAC-N coalition partners.Coalition soldiers from the Belgian and German support groups were able to familiarize and successfully fire all weapon systems. In great team building fashion, the U. S. soldiers also had the opportunity to train on and fire the Belgian 5.7 pistol and SCAR-L Long barrel rifle. "It was a great event and continued to display the committed partnership and camaraderie of NATO in TAAC-N," said Marmal Detachment Commander, CPT Nick Caesar.