Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas - The Salt Lake City U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion brings 10 educators from their area of responsibility to Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston to learn about the educational opportunities the Army provides to medical Soldiers, hosted by U.S. Army South on March 6-7."Readiness requires a military and civilian partnership because informed citizens understand the importance of voluntary national service," said Lt. Col. Carl Whitman, Salt Lake City U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Commander. "We bring educators not just to Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, but many Army installations to share the Army experience, and to show educators the many training and career programs for our Soldiers. Specifically at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston we brought educators from the Salt Lake City Recruiting battalion's area of operation (the mountain west) to share the many STEM based medical programs, MOS's and training the Army offers."During this visit, the educators were able to explore the educational opportunities provided to Soldiers attending programs such as physician's assistant, respiratory therapy, cardiology, combat medic, laboratory tech, and many others."I work with students as the Career Facilitator which is new to me this year and up until this point did not know very much about the military in general," said Jessica Berninzoni. "Attending this conference was very eye opening to what opportunities the Army and other branches can provide for young adults. I had no idea the medical opportunities that were available through the Army and was very impressed. I feel that this visit will allow me to better educate students on options that they have especially if they are looking to attend school that they cannot afford."In addition to visiting the medical school houses the educators were also able to see some of the other resources provided to Soldiers in case of an injury such as rehabilitation provided by Brooke Army Medical Center, the Center for the Intrepid, and the Fisher Houses located on Fort Sam Houston."I truly enjoyed seeing the Intrepid Center," said Berninzoni. "I was amazed by the extent of rehabilitation that amputees receive when going there. In general the technology that is used to train military recruits in all facets was absolutely outstanding."Whitman said that his recruiting battalion is always interested in sharing as many Army career opportunities with as many educators as they can. He plans to continue to have a yearly tour with the educators of his area of responsibility. He said each year his battalion focuses on different military occupational specialties."By sharing all the Army has to offer with our educators, our educators go back to their respective schools and share with students the outstanding career and life opportunities that the Army has to offer," concluded Whitman.