2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment commemorates the successful completion of their deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel and Resolute Support Mission. More than 400 awards were presented to the dedicated troopers of the 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment. "In Afghanistan, our troopers added another chapter to the noble tradition of our squadron," said Lt. Col Dave Fulton commander 2-1 CAV, "standing fast in the face of a determined enemy and defeating them by means of unflappable discipline and superior training. Thanks in large measure to the courage and fortitude of our troopers, we were able to accomplish something incredible and very rare during the last 18 years of war -- the successful completion of our mission without the loss of a single Blackhawk. We faced down the enemy, bolstered our Afghan allies--job well done. The ribbons given to the soldiers of 2-1 CAV can never truly represent what these individuals deserve for their hard work and strength of character. Finally, all of us here at the unit wish to extend our gratitude to the families and friends who have long supported us. Without all of you, we would never be as successful as we were in completing our mission. Congratulations to the entire Blackhawk family!"