As the culmination of Army Engineer Week, the Huntington District held its First Annual Military Ball at Marshall University's Don Morris Room. Colonel Evers hosted the event in conjunction with the Huntington Chapter of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). This was an opportunity for the Huntington District to share in the military traditions of the U.S. Army and share an evening with fellow teammates and family members.The evening began with a receiving line in the traditional military manner. Then at the beginning of the dinner, there was a toast to the services, the president, the nation and our fallen comrades. Over dinner the audience were treated with remarks by Colonel Evers and the guest speaker.Colonel Evers remarked on the importance of experiencing the military traditions and values we all share as members of the U. S. Army, either in uniform of as Department of the Army Civilians. He also recognized the importance of the military service that many in the district and showed his appreciation of many who wore the medals they earned in uniform on their civilian attire.The Guest Speaker was Secretary Mac Warner, West Virginia Secretary of State. He told of how his experience as a retired Army Colonel has helped him in establishing a vision and mission statement for his state office to better understand how to serve the people of West Virginia. He expressed his appreciation and deep respect of the Huntington District. He told of how West Virginia's economy benefits greatly by the commerce that occurs as a result of our navigation mission. He echoed his appreciation for the economic activity created through our recreation mission, including the white water season. He talked a bit about how our flood damage reduction projects save lives and property in West Virginia. He also shared his sense of kinship with the Corps of Engineers; his son and son-in-law are Engineer Officers in the U.S. Army and his daughter served in support of an Engineer unit.After the guest speaker and retirement of colors, the evening was spent socializing and dancing well into the night.