FORT CARSON, Colorado - U.S. Army combat engineers and engineer officers assigned to Alpha Company, 52nd Brigade Engineer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, conducted a demolition range, Feb. 12-13, here.

"It is important for Soldiers to conduct this type of training to develop their expertise in their craft," said 1st Lt. Shelby Lindsay, a platoon leader assigned to Co. A, 52nd BEB. "Demolition capabilities enable engineers to perform their key tasks, which are mobility, countermobility, and survivability operations."

However before conducting the range, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native said it was important for Soldiers and leader to conduct training.

"Prior to the range, platoon leadership trained the team leaders and squad leaders on each charge and range execution," she said. "Team and squad leaders then conducted this training with their Soldiers during [preliminary marksmanship instruction]."

Lindsay said this training method helps Soldiers and leaders understand and become experts on the charges and concepts and to be able to teach them to others.

During the training engineer Soldiers had to conduct confidence charges, time fuse calculations, bangalores, steel-I-beam cutting, shapes and craters.

"I could see that the Soldiers were gaining more confidence and proficiency as the training went along, especially during the ribbon charge because for a lot the Soldiers it was their first time doing it," said U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Juan Hernandez, a platoon sergeant assigned to Co. A, 52nd BEB and a native of Brownsville, Texas.

Lindsay and Hernandez said they hope Soldiers not only gained confidence in their demolition-abilities but they hope they were able to build upon their leadership skills.

"These ranges are an excellent opportunity for junior leaders to teach their Soldiers how run full range operations that will be important in the future when they have to take lead in ranges like this one," said Lindsay.