CORPUS CHRISTI ARMY DEPOT, Texas -- With a round of applause more than 120 guests bid farewell to Annette Cross during a retirement ceremony, here, February 1, 2019. Cross retired as CCAD chief of staff after 31 years of federal service, all of which was completed at the depot. "I have to tell you that when I began working in federal service, I never expected to stay... and here I am, 31 years later," said Cross, who hails from Lampasas, Texas. Beginning as an as an entry-level typist, Cross rose through the ranks serving in many positions such as resource management analyst, accounting technician, chief of administration & management, staff action control officer, and director of human capital management. Her dedication to CCAD and its mission was evident in her daily work, said Col. Gail Atkins, CCAD commander. "As a leader... (Cross) created lasting and measurable change that positively impacted the lives and work environment of thousands of people," said Atkins. Cross was not only instrumental in managing senior leaders and employees, but gave of her time to help others outside the depot. "Annette contributed selflessly to the betterment of our CCAD family and surrounding community," said Atkins. Her influence reached the greater Corpus Christi and aviation communities, including serving in roles with the Federal Manager's Association, the Army Aviation Association of America, and the Women's Executive Leadership Development Program, said Atkins. Cross thanked the organizations herself, saying, "(All) are worthwhile organizations and have played a major role in my career development." With fond memories of CCAD to take with her, Cross left an important message to the CCAD family about the sacrifices they make every day to ensure that all service members are ready win our nation's battles. "While we may not serve in uniform, we support those who do," said Cross. "The lives of the Soldier, sailor, airman and Marine who use our products depend on you to do your job... remember that every single day." Cross said it was an honor and privilege to stand beside every civilian and military member she worked with, but most importantly, a privilege to have the support of her husband, Mike. "Mike, thank you for your patience and understanding. I would not be here today without your support... let's start the next adventure," added Cross. That adventure leads Annette and Mike to retire in Fredericksburg, Texas, spending more time fishing and hunting, she said. -30-