DETROIT ARSENAL -- Warren, Michigan Former Lions kicker Jason Hanson, visited the Detroit Arsenal Feb. 7 to observe the National Prayer Breakfast with Detroit Arsenal employees in the 229 Cafeteria at 7 a.m.The National Prayer Breakfast is a yearly event originated in Washington D.C. the first Thursday of February. The event started in 1953. Some states and localities have also adopted the tradition of the Prayer Breakfast.During the event, Hanson shared some anecdotes about being a Lions kicker and spending 21 years with the same team. He used the Lord's Prayer to bracket his remarks on why he came out of the NFL more faithful and sure that God and Jesus are who they said they are."Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name," said Hanson. "There is a creator and we are created. Are you telling me this is all by chance? We can kind of do what these athletes do, but kind of not. They are incredible."TACOM Command Chaplain Lt. Col. Scott Koeman offered a prayer of thanks for this day where we can set aside a small portion to open our hearts and minds."Most of sports is losing. Sports is mostly failure and life can feel that way too," said Hanson. "Most of us have a sense that in our life in different ways we fall short." Hanson went on to say we should all compete but compete for what matters.Besides having a meal together, the employees of various faiths at the Detroit Arsenal also heard scriptures, prayers and some music selections from the Detroit Arsenal Unit Ministry Team Choir.TACOM Command Sgt. Maj. Ian Griffin presented Hanson with a 2-star note signed by Commanding General Maj. Gen. Daniel Mitchell and thanked him for his support and participation as a guest speaker.Hanson also remained after the program to sign autographs, take photos and answer questions about the day's program.