CASEY GARRISON - Members of the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment hosted a prayer breakfast at the USAG-Casey Warrior Club, May 1.

"The purpose of the event is for Soldiers to come out and hear the message, to give them comfort knowing there is a God that loves them just as much as we do," said Capt. Kimberly Nelson, USAG-Casey HHD.

Soldiers from HHD, 2nd Infantry Division as well as the USAG-Casey chain of command, were some of the many in attendance.

The prayer breakfast began with a welcome from Sgt. Shin Jin Su, HHD senior Korean Augmentee to the United States Army, and an invocation from Capt. Mario Rosario, USAG-RC chaplain. After Rosario finished his scripture reading and blessing of the food, all in attendance began to help themselves to a buffet.

During the meal Shin moved toward the stage and explained it was Nelson's last chance to attend a prayer breakfast. Shin then asked Nelson if she would come up and sing for everyone. Nelson sang a rendition of "Like Dew in the Morning," made famous by Juanita Bynum.

"These prayer breakfasts mean a lot to me," Nelson said. "As a commander, it is important to prepare Soldiers, making sure they are mentally, physically, and spiritually fit. Once these needs are met, then we have an outstanding and productive Soldier."

Nelson welcomed the prayer breakfast's guest speaker, Spc. Andrew Garland, one of the ministers for the Red Cloud Church of God in Christ. He began preaching as a youth minister, and during 2004-2008 Garland received a bachelor's degree from Catawba College, Salisbury, N.C.
Garland spoke about how being a believer and a Soldier ties a person to an obligation to do the right thing on or off duty.

"When you come to accept Christ you are given this certain walk, aura, and light all can see, because of your belief in Christ," Garland said. "And with that light, it shines and guides you in the direction Christ wants you to follow, not toward the 'ville,' or the bar, but toward Jesus himself, and because of this belief, we are called to help others find the light of Christ."
"The chaplains and the ministry team here is awesome," Nelson said in closing. "I hope more people get involved, and more units tell Soldiers about ministry events."