VICENZA, Italy (February 7, 2019) - All phone numbers serviced by 509th Strategic Signal Battalion at more than 10 sites across Italy are in the process of changing as the phone system undergoes an upgrade and migration.A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service upgrade/migration from a regional to a theater solution is now under way, according to the 509th SSB, the servicing Regional Network Enterprise Center for the Vicenza Military Community. Sites affected include Caserma Ederle, Caserma Del Din, Villaggio, Longare, Lerino, ASP7, Torri di Quartesolo, Poggio, Butmir, Naples, and Milan. Camp Darby will transition after this phase as the migration there is more complicated."This is the last phase of a theater-wide strategy designed to replace an outdated phone system and improve network security in the rapidly changing digital environment. These changes will centralize services for the entire theater thus reducing managerial oversight and security administration," said Lt. Col. Michael Reeder, Commander, 509th Signal Battalion.What's Changing?0444-61-XXXX and 0444-66-XXXX numbers will be replaced with 0444-71-XXXX. Existing 634-XXXX and 637-XXXX phone numbers will change to 646-XXXX. All phones which are not currently VoIP phones, i.e. black Siemens phones with the 634 prefix, will receive a replacement VoIP phone from 509th. Call forwarding from existing phone numbers to new phone numbers will be automatic."The transition will be seamless to most users. Old phone numbers will automatically be forwarded to the new phone numbers. However, customers will have to update signature blocks and their profile in MilConnect to reflect the change," said Reeder.According to the 509th, voice messaging features will be provided only by request through the 119 ticket system."Recorded messages are not being used as in the past. Users will continue to follow up with emails and review the missed call features in the phone system," said Reeder.What's My New Number?During and after the transition, the U.S. Army Garrison Italy website will host a "What's My Number?" page, wherein customers will be able to type in a current phone number, and the new phone number will be shown. The link for the page is"This is a great feature the community can find simply by clicking on the link for the garrison telephone book. If you're number hasn't switched over yet, you can now check to see what it will change to," said Reeder. According to the 509th, the phone number transition will be complete by the end of July.Local Information Management Officers (IMO), or S6 personnel, are already informed and can answer any general questions customers may have. Customers may also contact the Dial Central Office help desk by email at for assistance. (Information contributed by 509th SSB)