VICENZA, Italy (January 15, 2019) -- In an effort to increase Vicenza Military Community recycling rates, the Directorate of Public Works is now distributing 50- and 21-liter color-coded recycling containers to VMC activities.

According to Kurt Brownell, U.S. Army Garrison Italy solid waste/recycling compliance manager here, the 50-liter containers are for common areas such as break rooms, hallways, copy rooms -- wherever you prefer. They are available for glass, plastic and cans, and paper. The smaller, 21-liter containers are available for plastic and cans, and paper in office areas.

Housekeeping staff have been instructed to empty these into the proper recycle containers outside of the office buildings.

"Successful implementation of the Garrison recycling program is a team effort," said Brownell. "Therefore, once your building receives containers, it would be helpful for each unit to alert housekeeping that you are now using them."

If employees notice that items are not being recycled properly, they should contact Contracting Office Representative Mauro Parigi at DSN 637-8868; or email at

For more information or to request bins for your building, please contact Brownell at DSN 637-8266, comm. 0444-61-8266, or (DPW Environmental Division)