VICENZA, Italy (February 1, 2019) -- Residents of family housing owned and leased by the Army have the opportunity again to rate the quality of housing and housing services in 2019.

The second online survey of about 10,000 residents living in Army-owned and Army-leased housing worldwide was emailed Jan. 15, and residents have two more weeks to complete it. CEL & Associates Inc. is administering the survey, and the email is from (check your "junk" folder if you haven't seen it yet!).

According to Lewis R. Smith, chief of Housing Division at U.S. Army Garrison Italy, surveys was e-mailed directly to occupants by the contractor in CONUS responsible for the survey.

"Each survey has an individual code on it which denotes the area where the person lives," said Smith. "So we can't just send a link to the survey as they need to respond to the one sent to them. (Recipients) should also check their SPAM or junk folder in case the survey does not appear in their in-box."

The survey is open through Feb. 14. The survey's purpose is to receive firsthand accounts of what Soldiers and families find important when living in Army-owned on-post and leased family housing. Residents of privatized Residential Communities Initiative housing will be surveyed in March.

Survey proponents are the Army Assistant Chief of Staff of Installation Management and the U.S. Army Installation Management Command.

The housing survey is used to identify areas in housing operations that are successful or need improvement, where funding could have the most effect and are identified as top priorities to residents, and ascertain areas of success for the garrison housing office, according to Lt. Gen. Gwen Bingham, Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

"Your feedback about your experiences while residing in Army-owned or leased housing is critical to shaping the future housing and services provided by the Army," Bingham said.

CEL & Associates emailed the first housing survey in 2018 to 9,957 residents living in Army family housing, with 2,025 residents responding for a rate of 20.3 percent. Army housing officials want to increase participation in the 2019 resident satisfaction survey.

A higher response rate will give Army officials a more accurate depiction of Soldiers' and their families' satisfaction with Army family housing and the services offered by garrison housing offices, housing officials said.

"All surveys are confidential. Your frank feedback about your experiences in Army Family Housing may help to shape future housing programs and services and help guide future decisions that could impact generations of Soldiers and families," said Lt. Gen. Bradley A. Becker, Installation Management Command commander.

The Army wants maximum outreach and participation to measure residents' satisfaction with housing accommodations, as well as the services they received from the Army Housing Office.

Residents who have not received an email with the survey link by Jan. 18 should contact the Housing Office at DSN 637-7950/7951 or comm. 0444-61-7950/7951. According to Smith, the staff will be able to obtain the individuals' specific code and explain how to complete the survey.

It's important for those filling out the survey to note that it is a housing survey specifically -- regarding quality of housing and services. Be sure to comment only on housing and not on other, unrelated services.