Deadly force is always the last means of action when dealing with a heighten situation.The 218th Military Police Company, 716th Military Police Battalion, put on a training workshop for the 1st Squadron, 32nd Cavalry Regiment, in late December, focusing on civil control procedures, as well as gave instructions on how to properly use the X26 Taser.The X26 Taser is a less than lethal weapon carried typically by civilian and military law enforcement, providing them access to a lower level of force before having to resort to deadly force.Staff Sgt. Shayse Stokes, a patrolman with the 218th MP Co., instructed more than 55 Soldiers on civil monitoring, civil disturbance and crowd control. The crowd control training included scenarios with various types of riots, riot control methods and formations.Soldiers, while wearing a full 20lbs of riot gear, practiced marching and turning while in formation. Training escalated with practicing "holding the line" while instructors simulated a riot; running and pushing the formation."The training was amazing; it was tailored towards our unit's deployment readiness," said Staff Sgt. Thomas Rivers, 1-32nd Cav. section leader.Rivers was impressed by the degree and level of training to which 218th MP Co. was willing to assist them saying, "It's one thing to see the formations on paper, but the MP's coming out to conduct the training was well worth the time, especially since they brought all the needed equipment and materials."Following the crowd control training, Soldiers went over the seven levels of force, and conducted X26 Taser training.Level of force training is a crucial tool when conducting crowd control operations. The ability to monitor, and deescalate situations in a dynamic combat environment is essential to sustaining the fight.Sgt. First Class Micah Nelson, a platoon sergeant assigned to 218th MP Co., led the training, showing when escalated situations require the implementation of a taser, how to property utilize them. Training covered all taser techniques; focusing on X26 deployment and the drive stun.The Soldiers given the opportunity to experience the X26 Taser, were met with neuromuscular incapacitation; the "shock" feeling received when the circuit is complete and over 50,000 volts run through their bodies and essentially rendering them unable to move for the duration of the five second deployment."The cavalry scouts that participated in the training were very receptive, and highly enthusiastic about the training," said Staff Sgt. Stokes, a squad leader with 218th MP Co. "It a rare privilege for us to be able to conduct cross training with such a professional group young Soldiers."Cross training has been a resent focus for the 218th MP Co. The military police multi-functional role in security and mobility support depends on the flexibly of cross training.With high level of training like taser training the 218th MP Co. will continue to assist, protect and defend the Soldiers, family member and civilians who work and live on Fort Campbell.